The Dark Side

I drove to the ATT store in Silverdale, WA hoping to get a new phone. The LG G3 was on the top of the list and I completely believed I would walk out of there with an Android device, even if it wasn’t the G3. The short list included the Moto X, G3….and that’s about it.


So what was the result? I walked out of the ATT store with an iPhone 6. And I feel a little dirty. From the moment I picked up the new iPhone I knew this was the device for me. The camera is amazing. It feels less blocky than previous version that I had checked out. After 2 days with my new phone the battery life is amazing (at least compared to my old HTC One and Lumia 1020). From a hardware standpoint its an incredible device.


iOS 8. It seems the new iOS update has gotten a lot of flack and as a previous Android and Windows Phone user with no iOS experience I have nothing to compare this too but I feel its a solid competitor for Android. I understand why people love iOS and iPhones in general. Its simple. It makes most decisions for you and while this does feel a bit constrictive there is enough room to make it your own that keeps you from going insane. The app store is incredible and I have had no issue finding quality apps to replace those from Android and in most cases those apps have been free.


Overall my experience has been great. I love my new phone. I am by no means going to turn into an Android hater or iPhone fan boy but for those that have considered checking out the iPhone I feel now is the time to do so. You just might be pleasantly surprised. I sure was.


A post a day

My new goal is to create a post a day.  Unfortunately a post a day won’t keep the doctor away.  Or could it?

Stay tuned, readers. If you are out there.

Minecraft… Microsoft

It’s a done deal. Microsoft has purchased Minecraft creator Mojang. For a lot of dough.  And the Internet throws a tantrum.

It could be a bad move. We may very well experience the final days of Minecraft as we know it. Or…. we aren’t. 

I could see this going one of two ways.  Very good or very bad.  Not much middle ground. Either Microsoft realizes how strong the Minecraft community really is or they alienate millions of fans world wide.

Your move Microsoft. Do us proud. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. For now.